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Nutbrown Heritage

About Us

We are kitchenware enthusiasts with a touch of nostalgia.

Back in 2015, Birmingham born J.M. Rodden went on a mission to revive Nutbrown brand.

Making the best of his years of experience in the trade, he brought back the brand all UK home bakers once loved. 

Under the creative direction of talented British designer Laura Lynas, a new chapter has started in Nutbrown’s history. 

Our Values

Crafting perfection


Our mission is to continue the history of manufacturing excellence set at the origin by Thomas M. Nutbrown.


We are using the best material available to manufacture our products. Our stainless steel accessories are produced with the highest grade possible.


Nutbrown baking are manufactured to be passed on to future bakers. We believe in ‘buy less, buy better’.

Nutbrown Heritage


Thomas M. Nutbrown starts manufacturing kitchenware in his factory on Walker Street, Blackpool.


First Patent

Thomas Nutbrown registers a first patent for an ice shaping device.


Nutbrown is registered

The company is established in Blackpool.


The Silver Hoops Era

Nutbrown exports goods all over the world. With imagination and creativity the company brought unseen gadgets and utensils on to the market and hence had more than 20 items patented.

1937 - 1969

Acquisition by Stephenson Mills, a member of the British Match Corporation. The brand gradually disappears with successive mergers and bankruptcies.


Nutbrown returns

Nutbrown iconic products are back, featuring the original style and quality expectations.


A New Era Begins

After a few successful years, the team behind Nutbrown expends the range, still focusing on baking expertise. Nutbrown is now looking for industrial partners to manufacture again in the UK ! It has already started, check our teaware items.